Thursday, March 27, 2008

work, work and more to come!!!

Am at work waiting for my manager to get back to me :( ...Its already 7.30 pm and need to start working on something now...Well that's how life has been since the time I started working. Enjoying work right now but at times wish could go back home on time, pick up a book to read any many such things...Today is not a lucky day!!!! Anyways, the excuse that I am trying to give right now is that....if blogging has taken a back seat, blame it all on work. This is going to be the reason for the time being till I come up with another reason :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

1st day at work....

Today was my 1st day at work as an employee in Deloitte... of course did an internship, but that doesn't count in my books. Anyways, so thanks to the HR, had to go through the orientation drill AGAIN!!!( yes...and this time for 2 days:(...Our's was a big group..about 25 of us and varied nationalities...Israel, Chinese, Indians, Phillipinos, U.K ( completely in love with the brit accent now ...thanks to Harry Potter i think), kenyans, Japanese and ofcourse americans . Pretty interesting group,must say.
So as far as my story goes, it was a long break for me, about 5 months but, I must say that I completely enjoyed myself these 5 months. Had a huge list of things to do and believe it or not managed to do most of it except for learning a foreign language. Plan to do that within this year hopefully. I guess it will be a long long wait for a break like this again. Despite this break and the fact that I was looking forward to join work, one of the few things that caught my attention today during the HR ranting was the list of holidays for 2007. Not that I was planning any travel or whatsoever, but just the thought that the next holiday was long away in November was a bit saddening :(. Well, that said, I am pretty excited about work now and look forward to some good projects. So people, Wish me Luck!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's with men and sports????

Yesterday was another one of the days that I was trying to have a conversation with M and after continuous chattering for almost 5 minutes from my side, realised their was just no response from M. I was hardly surprised to see what was holding back all his concentration. Ofcourse, it had to be a football game, which brings me to my point of ' What's with men and these sports? Back in India, I was used to my cousins and friends talking about cricket, F1 and soccer. Well to be honest, I was hooked on to cricket for some time ( primarily to track Anil Kumble's bowling though..still have a big crush on him :) and soccers during the 2006 FIFA world cup but after moving to the US, the number of sports watched by M have only doubled. Apart from the usual, now the list also includes baseball, foot ball and basketball. Not to forget the divisions i.e. college football, basketball also haven't been spared. So a regular weekend normally goes in planning for all the big games and believe me, weekends are the most packed. The amount of multitasking that goes in is pretty impressive too. There's the idiot box playing some game and the other games are being tracked online and also call up friends who are watching other games or the same games to discuss the happenings. And, of course there's the 'post game High'. Doesn't end with the favorite team winning. The next 2 hours after the win, its now M's commentary that you have to listen too (like the game was not enough ;-)
Well....At my end, I have tried to watch these games and understand the so called 'strategy' behind these games , but, they haven't managed to hold my attention for more than 10 minutes. Does a 5 minute football game end ever in 5 minutes? nope..never...with all the breaks stretches into eternity. Or to be honest, my repulsion could also be due to the undisputed attention all these game enjoy?? What's your thought?

Monday, September 17, 2007

And here I Come!!!!!!!

Ahem...Have been meaning to create a blog for long now and today had to be the day for that. Was at home reading an interesting blog and booooommmm...It was like I didn't want to waste another day procrastinating. And then comes the tough part. Ideas are normally easy, its all in the execution. What do I name my blog? what do I write, describe yourself ? Ask M ( my better half) and laddu(ma sis) for some ideas as they could be called veterans (atleast for me) in blogging. M decides lunch is more important (clear priorities must say..y do you think i married this guy :) and laddu has to sleep to get ideas ( well...she's my sister) . Anyways my search for a name leads me to ' las reflexiones arbitrarias' translates to 'My Random musings '. Hmm....Now creating a blog isn't that difficult, isn't it?